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Yambo Financials is the chosen name of a criminal spam organization thought to be linked directly to Alex Polyakov, at this writing the #1 spamming individual in the known world. Yambo Financials have remained a top spamming gang and operate completely illegally, hacking into public servers and taking them over for the purposes of web hosting, image hosting and DNS services. They are responsible for several custom-written Unix exploits which run stealth versions of an http and DNS server, as well as cloak their existence to several law enforcement and spam investigation organizations, as well as several credit card companies.

They are most recognized for their ubiquitous My Canadian Pharmacy fake and illegal pharmacy websites, known to be promoted via the and Eva Pharmacy affiliate programs, but they appear to also be involved in a great deal of other online criminal activity. They have been linked directly to several serious crimes including the sale and distribution of child pornography, sale of 100% fake pharmaceutical products usually distributed from India (but always claiming to be from Canada) and numerous server hijacks and other trojan or virus exploits.

Complete lists of actual members of this group are scarce, and so far the only website featuring any of this information, or collating any references to this group, is Spamhaus.

Names listed there include Yegor G. Bugaenko, brothers Anton Denysenko and Sergey Denisenko, and Christina Reese.

International law enforcement entities are well aware of this organization and its activities, and continue to investigate and track down its members and operatives.

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