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Whois Export and Exchange Format


  This memo presents a technique for using XML (Extensible Mark-up
  Language) as a source format exchanging WHOIS data related to Domain
  Registration Information, for the purpose of exporting Registry, 
  Registrar, or Registrant  data into a portable and verifiable

  Discussion on this Internet-Draft is to be held on the mailing list, which is hosted by the Alice's Registry, Inc. To
  subscribe, send an email to,  with the
  text "subscribe" as the only word in the body of the mail. There is
  an archive of the mailing list at [7]

Read [here]

The cited memo was the basis for the present whois format for .com and .net gTLDs in 2001. It is presently outdated, as the memo refers to RRP statuses. In 2006, Verisign passed to EPP for the management of its gTLDs. This memo is cited in the spamwiki for historical reference and to share a better understanding of why the whois for these gTLDs is in the current format.