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Description of the Registrar[]

Domain Name Registrar REG.RU LLC is a leader among Russian domain name registrars and hosting providers. It has been operating since 2006.

Best of all, the quality of the company's work is reflected in the numbers: REG.RU has more than 3.3 million domains. Every second domain in Russia is registered in REG.RU, the total number of services provided over 15 years has reached 39 million, and the number of clients totals more than 2.2 million. Clients can register domains in more than 750 international and national domain zones.

Anti-Fraud Position[]

Not defined

Official Position[]

Not defined

Actual Behavior[]

REG.RU will suspend domains which have invalid registrant details. But unlike registrars in other countries, it refuses to suspend domains clearly being used for fraud.

Sites used for fraud[]

The list of current fraud pharmacy domains registered with REG.RU can be seen at REG.RU_list

Where to send abuse complaints[]

Related information[]

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