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Information here will describe the version found in 2017 with title Online Pharmacy.

The FDA attributes this operation to GlavMed.

Online_Pharmacy comes from the same offenders as Canadian_Drugstore

The Help Line phone numbers shown are

US Toll Free: +1-800-715-5341 (use website contact form)
Europe: +44-203-318-5981 (use website contact form)


US: +1-760-284-3222 (unavailable)
EU: +4420-3286-3820 (unavailable)

or (2019 Canadian Pharmacy Shop)

US +1-800-490-06-18 (no such number)
EU: +4420-4901-5906 (no such number)

If you call any of those numbers, a recorded message directs you to the web site contact form, without mentioning the web site by name. Alternatively you may be asked to leave a message, or you discover there is no such number.

The phone number also appears as a website at and


Online Pharmacy, March 2018 V1 - Click to enlarge

Online Pharmacy, March 2018 V2 - Click to enlarge

Online Pharmacy, March 2017 - Click to enlarge

Online Pharmacy trailer, March 2017 - Click to enlarge

Online Pharmacy Excessive order, March 2017 - Click to enlarge

False Pretenses

No Pharmacist Oversight

They do not make any statement that there is a pharmacist overseeing orders and deliveries. The picture shows a customer ordering a dangerously excessive amount of drugs.

Fake accreditations

There is no approval from the FDA nor the CPA. Likewise, the CIPA and MIPA have given no approval for this fraud. It is obvious that these ratings are provided by the criminals themselves. When you click on each icon logo, there is no link to any display of an accreditation.

No Pharmacy License

Online Pharmacy fails to display any valid license. They are therefore not entitled to sell pharmacy products online.

No prescriptions

The vendor admits that they are providing prescription medications without requiring a doctor's prescription, as seen in the picture. No legitimate and approved pharmacy would be allowed to do this.

Dangerous medical practice

Free Pills With Every Order
2 pills of Viagra 100 mg/Cialis 20mg/Levitra 20 mg are
available with every order FOR FREE.

Registered medical practitioners and genuine pharmacists are aware that Cialis/Levitra pills can be extremely dangerous when used in conjunction with certain other medications. This online pharmacy is seemingly unaware that they are putting customers' lives at risk.

Questionable encryption security

From the Online Pharmacy FAQ

How I can be sure that it is secure to assign my credit card information to your site? The protection of card details is the question of major importance when dealing with electronic transactions. That is why we pay much attention to privacy and security of our customers. Be assured that our online order system makes use of the latest security encryption technology to ensure that your credit card information is submitted safely and with the highest level of protection. All our computer systems undergo regular security checks to ensure that our ordering system is properly protected.

This claim was obviously false. The checkout page where you were asked to enter your secure information including credit card had no encryption in 2017.

NOTE: In 2018, an encrypted checkout was implemented using which is sponsored by GKG.NET who also offer privacy protection to these cyber-criminals. This same checkout is used by Canadian Drugstore.

Sponsoring ISPs

Each web site has address

Organization:   Infolink Global Corporation (IGC-44)
CustName:       HA Servers, LLC

Sponsoring Registrars

101domain GRS Limited (suspended) Pty Ltd.

BIZCN.COM, INC. (suspended)

Crazy Domains FZ-LLC (suspended) (suspended)

GKG.Net, Inc.

Gransy s.r.o d/b/a

GuangDong NaiSiNiKe Information Technology Co Ltd (suspended)

Hosting Concepts

JSC Registrar R01 (suspended) (suspended)

NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

PakNIC (Private) Limited

PDR LTD. (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

An affiliate program is used to hire spammers. It is a sponsor organization behind this type of site. They pay spammers to promote it, and they don't shut down illegal spammers.

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