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OEM Soft Store is thought to be a Vincent Chan operation, affiliate of Leo Kuvayev

Spammed links are usually in the form of a long prefix followed by the domain name, like

Attempts to access using just the site name fail with


That is a method to make spam reporting more difficult, and to identify the original recipient of the spam mail.

OEM Soft Store.jpg

Legality of the operation[]

When asked if this and other sites (Soft Sales and Downloadable Software) were definitely illegal, a spokesman from Adobe responded

Yep...totally illegal...thanks.

Chris Stickle
Enforcement Manager, Anti-Piracy
Adobe Systems, Inc.
601 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
415.832.5140 fax

Microsoft posts some clear guidelines on how to recognize piracy. Here is an extract

Advertisers use terms like "Original Equipment Manufacturer" ("OEM") software in
an attempt to explain why the offered software is so inexpensive.
Purchasing from known and trusted sources and avoiding "too good to be true" deals 
are the best ways to avoid wasting valuable time and money on counterfeit or 
infringing software.
Beware of Spam emails offering software prices that are too good to be true. There 
is a high risk that these software titles are counterfeit or infringing.

Fake building, fake address[]

The "About Us" page depicts a headquarters building in Florida. OEM Soft Store Location.jpg

Using Google Earth and Google maps you can see that there is no such building at that location. The only references in Google to that address are in queries into whether the web site is genuine, and advice that it is not. The Better Business Bureau has an Alert on this address.

Interestingly, this same image and address is also used for

Sponsoring Registrars[]

From October, 2011


In 2007 the predominant choice for both name servers and web sites was DSTR ACQUISITION LLC

Sample Spam[]

We Propose you only Well-examined software
In order to Assist you Realize all your Plans
Such soft as:

Photoshop 7 - $69.95
Microsoft Office 2003 - $199.95
Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12 - $89.95
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 & Flash MX 2004 - $109.95


How to report this spam[]

Option 1 - Complainterator[]

Report the name servers to the registrar using Complainterator

Option 2 - BSA[]

But more importantly, remember that this is a flagrant software piracy operation. You can

  1. shut down the whole operation
  2. provide evidence leading to the arrest of the criminals

Follow these steps

  1. Open the OEM Soft Store site, and note down a selection of software vendor names and software titles being pirated
  2. Visit the Business Software Alliance web site
  3. Select "Report Software Piracy"
  4. Fill in your contact details
  5. Fill in the matching software vendors and software titles in the reporting form
  6. Send it off and feel better

Option 3 - list of report sites[]

JavaWoman's list of email reporting addresses by vendor for software piracy.,,,,,,

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