Registrar: Guangdong Nicenic Technology Co., Ltd. dba NiceNIC

Description of the Registrar

NiceNIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED (NiceNIC.NET) is an ICANN, gTLDs, ccTLD, new gTLDs Accredited Domain Registrar, and Hong Kong TOP Data Center, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud cooperated Hosting & Server Provider, founded in 2006, based in Hong Kong, China.

NiceNIC is a registrar for domain names. ICANN accredited registrars are obliged to

  1. ensure domain names are not used for illegal purposes
  2. ensure registrant details are valid

Examples of Pharmacy Fraud domains

Click on any heading for evidence of fraud.

These domains have been verified using a proxy service to avoid their IP blocking of law enforcement and registrar IP addresses. They may serve up other fraud sites at other times, or from other geographies. But any site served is still an illegal fraud pharmacy.

Awaiting action

  • Tested and verified from an unblocked proxy on September 9 2021.
  • Sample screen shots are sometimes shown on this page.

Any web site domains shown here are used exclusively to host Eva Pharmacy fraud domains, and use fake names, fake addresses as the contact address, and fake phone numbers to avoid verification calls.

Rogue pharmacy - 1
Rogue pharmacy - 2

Previously suspended by the registrar

Common IP Addresses

Where to send abuse complaints

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