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Description of the Registrar GKG[]

GKG.NET, INC. was founded in 1993. In late 1994 GKG.NET,INC. entered the Internet business as Global Knowledge Group (GKG) taking immediate advantage of the expanding Internet commerce of the World Wide Web.

Our Mission Statement:
To continue to develop and build GKG into the premier Internet Solutions company that equally values its customers, shareholders and employees by emphasizing excellence in service, corporate integrity, technical expertise and long-term vision as part of our corporate experience.

Paul Marvin, CEO
Taylor Marvin, CTO

Anti-Crime Position[]

Official Position[]

GKG deals with abuse reports in these situations:

  • The content is physically hosted on our network, or
  • The domain is with GKG, the content is hosted anywhere, and the nature of the abuse is malicious in nature which can potentially affect the stability of private and public networks. Examples of these types of situations is the distribution of malware and phishing sites, or
  • The domain is with GKG, the content is hosted anywhere, and the nature of the abuse is inflicting obvious personal harm. Examples of this are not limited to the distribution of child pornography and sites that distribute sensitive personal financial information such as credit cards or social security numbers, or
  • Any site that is performing obviously illegal activities.
  • For any content that is NOT obviously illegal to us, we will refer you to the local authorities or to your own attorney to work within the legal system to make that determination.

Actual Behavior[]

GKG often disregards obvious evidence of fraudulent use of a domain name and defaults to the last condition above. In March 2016 GKG's founder and CEO Paul Marvin was served with a notice by ICANN concerning its failures to comply with the requirements of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.


LegitScript reports their findings after dealings with GKG GKG is another US-based registrar in Bryan, Texas, that refuses to terminate domain name registration services to rogue internet pharmacy operators, including affiliates of spammy networks like Rx-Partners and Glavmed Affiliate Pharmacy Network. GKG is unique in that it doesn’t even follow its own abuse reporting standards and processes, which states that “other inappropriate content … performing obviously illegal activities” is considered abuse and will be handled accordingly.

A typical response to an abuse report:

Due to the fact that we can not determine any illegal act occurring with said domain(s), you will need to address your requests with the hosting provider(s) of said domain(s). Or provide a valid US court order demonstrating illegal activity is occurring with this website.

Additionally, the domain names in question are not in any direct violation of GKG's terms of service. If you have any specific information leading to a specific policy violation, please provide that information so we may validate the request.

Lastly, a valid US Court Order supporting your claim would make it an easy decision for us. In cases where laws are clearly being violated, we can act accordingly. Those that are not so clear are reserved for the US Court to decide.

Kind Regards,
Michael M.
GKG Abuse Prevention Team

Examples of domains used for fraud[]

By loading any of these, the registrar can verify the brand, then establish the fraudulent use of the domain name by viewing the evidence that has been prepared for registrars and law enforcement. Note that some of these will be switched from one fraud brand to another.

Each heading is a link to evidence of fraud. It is clear from the evidence that they are performing obviously illegal activities. (

See also GKG_list

Awaiting action

Canadian Drugstore[]

Canadian X Pharmacy[]


My Canadian Pharmacy[]

Online Pharmacy[]

Suspended fraud domains[]

Removed For Fraud or Chargebacks        Online Pharmacy ClientHold  Dec 2016       Online Pharmacy ClientHold  Dec 2016        Online Pharmacy ClientHold  Dec 2016    

Common IP addresses[]

Sequenced by most frequently abused. Note that these may change from day to day. Reporting to the hosting Internet Service Providers is fruitless.


Where to send abuse complaints[] and

Additional Contact Information[]

Postal address[]

Correspondence & Payment address:
P.O Box 1450 
302 N Bryan Ave
Bryan, Texas 77806-1450

Registration Information[]

Telephone and FAX[]

Telephone: 877-695-1790 or 855-875-6611

Fax: 281-617-5825

Related information[]

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