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(Also called "EuroSoft" or "All popular OEM software for PC and MAC. All EUROPEAN languages version" in web site source code.)


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Euro Software or Euro Softwares or EuroSoft or World Software is a pirated "OEM" software site, intermittently spammed in heavy bursts for multiple similar domain names. As with all pirated software, purchasing on this site means

  • dealing with anonymous criminals in unknown countries
  • giving them your credit card number
  • trusting that what you are purchasing actually is the software they claim it is
  • assuming the validation codes will work
  • allowing them to possibly install malicious software on your computer
  • if you are a business owner, taking the risk that a disgruntled former employee will report you for using unauthorized copies of software and make you the target of legal action by software manufacturers

The software vendors have been asked to comment. They have acknowledged that these sites offering software at such prices are illegal.

According to the Spamhaus ROKSO listing, Euro Softwares is hosted on IP address ranges associated with Leo Kuvayev/Bad Cow. The sites themselves have few distinctive features to associate them with a specific spam operation. IP addresses are shared with an occasional short-lived casino site. Although the domain registrations superficially resemble the identity-theft style of Yambo registrations, on investigation the registrants appear to be completely imaginary people.

Alternative version

EuroSoft version

False Pretenses[]

Better Business Bureau fake certificate[]

In an attempt to appear legitimate. the site has the logo of the Better Business Bureau. When you click that logo, you expect to be taken to the Better Business Bureau site to display their certificate of authenticity. But these criminals can not get any such certification, so they fake it. They dummy up a fake certificate, and serve it up from their own site. The graphic shows one such example, taken from their web site, seen on October 15, 2009.

If you look closely at the seal, you will notice that instead of applying to it states that

This BBBOnLine Reliability seal, and the commitments that
this seal signifies, pertain only to

But this site is! The genuine seal for the genuine company is in the newer format, at

Fake BBB certificate, click to enlarge

TRUSTe fake certificate[]

In a similar display of fraud, Euro Software sites display the logo of TRUSTe but again serve it up from their own site.

The directory of TRUSTe accredited sites at has no reference to Euro Software or any of the hundreds of sites we sampled.

A close look at the faked certificate will show that the name of the software piracy site is in the header, in this example EuroSoftMarkets.COM, but in the text we find

EuroSoftMarkets.COM is a certified licensee of the TRUSTe® Privacy Seal Program.
The privacy statement and practices of have been reviewed by TRUSTe
for compliance with our strict program requirements.

Notice that the second reference is not to EuroSoftMarkets.COM but to The original certificate was stolen from another company, and can be seen at

Just as with the Better Business Bureau claim, this is another example of the fraud that these criminals perpetrate.

Fake TRUSTe certificate, click to enlarge

Trial version or no serial number[]

There is an admission in the Support section that you may be receiving non-genuine versions. Item 3 contains the incriminating evidence:

3. If you can not install your soft and have no serial or you have TRIAL version.
Extract archive with your software to some folder on your hard drive or on your
Desktop. Open extracted folder. Find the "README.TXT" file or "README" from this
folder and follow instructions.

Sponsoring Registrars/Hosts[]



The abuse of Microsoft's free hosting service has been ongoing since late 2008. At peak there were over 2000 abuses caught in spam traps every day. In March 2010 the abuse rate was still as high as 200 per day. Despite being aware of this abuse, Microsoft has failed to take any effective action to prevent it. Since the EuroSoft sites pirate Microsoft's products, Microsoft puts itself in a difficult position when trying to defend its copyright in the light of its known support of piracy over such a long period. Worse still, Microsoft's support of software piracy places the company in a difficult legal position, since the piracy sites also provide Microsoft's competitors' products.

A partial list of redirection sites for EuroSoft to which Microsoft has provided access:


January/February 2008[]

Visesh Infotechnics Ltd.

Dynadot, LLC

  • (recently acquired by Tucows)

  • (Name Server)


  • CNCGROUP Henan province network
  • Shanghai B&T Network and Telecom Inc
  • ZBYD Technology Co.,Ltd (also known for being a provider of bulletproof hosting for Herbal King penile enlargement sites)
  • TOCC (currently also hosting Express Herbal penile enlargement sites, a successor to Herbal King)

May 2009[]

The free hosting service at was being abused by spammers using a redirection method. The spamming of the sites was detected in the URIBL.COM spam honeypot revealing these redirection sites

At May 1, 2009 these redirected to just one Euro Software web host -

Registration Service Provider:
Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 29-Apr-2009.
Record expires on 09-Apr-2010.
Record created on 09-Apr-2009.

Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

August/September 2009[]

Redirection abuse from Yahoo Groups has targeted several sites

Target Domain Name Crime Sponsoring Registrar Registrar: PLANETDOMAIN PTY LTD. Registrar: TUCOWS INC. Registrar: INTERNET.BS CORP. Registrar: TUCOWS INC. Registrar: TUCOWS INC. Registrar: PLANETDOMAIN PTY LTD. Registrar: PLANETDOMAIN PTY LTD.

Sample spammed redirection URLs targeting Euro Software

Sample spam

Eurosoftware Inc with the
European Association of the Manufacturer
present Special Summer Sale.
All sofware have 50 % discount.
And note - This is the full version, not trial or test. 

Add any programs you want to the 
shopping cart and then simply enter 
the MCRS-1234 code to instantly get 50% off the total price.

November 2009[]

Redirection abuse from Microsoft has targeted Eurosoft redirects to which is reviewed in Site Advisor

It is extremely surprising to see Microsoft's free hosting service being allowed to suport software piracy

Examples of Spam[]

September 2009, Yahoo Groups redirection abuse

Yahoo Groups piracy support via redirection

March 2009 -- Hosted on Microsoft's in an abuse of the terms of service

Example of Microsoft's piracy support on

Piracy of Microsoft and other vendor software on - were redirected from

January 2008 -- Subject: "Skaggs Software Markets - Deals"

We have literally thousands of programs available from some of the biggest software publishers. It does not matter
if it's Microsoft, OneNote or Adobe After Effects 7 applications you need to find we have them all in stock and
more, some at less than 80% of standard store cost.

If your interested please take a peek at our site.

bye for now

Edwin Hollingsworth
Skaggs's Software Markets

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floor, either from the elevators it was close." "I was right at whatever cost. We have to office of Tower
security,  Zuniga Self-trained sniper. Subject to fits of depression

Need some software urgently? Purchase, download and install right now! Software in English, German, French,
Italian, and Spanish for IBM PC and Macintosh! Cheap prices give you the possibility to save or buy more
software than you can afford purchasing software on a CD!

Purchasing software you can be sure you get perfectly working software, in case you are not satisfied,
we offer money refund. Quick response and advice on how to install your software are guaranteed.

Original software only!

Microsoft's advice[]

The advertisers use terms like "Original Equipment Manufacturer" ("OEM") software, as an attempt to explain why the offered software is so inexpensive. Spammers also include random dictionary words and paragraphs of text throughout their email to avoid anti-spam filtering technology.

Microsoft is working to educate partners and consumers about the risks of getting software from suspicious sources. We are investigating the sources of these operations and are doing everything in our power to stop this kind of activity.

Purchasing from known and trusted sources and avoiding "too-good-to-be-true deals" are the best ways to avoid suspicious software offers.

Here are some suspect signs to look for:

Beware of spam emails offering software prices that are too good to be true. Beware of offers requesting the wiring of money to foreign banking institutions. Beware of software shipping into the United States from overseas.

For more information regarding spam offering suspicious software, please visit:

You may also visit our Internet site on and to review additional information on recognizing genuine Microsoft product and Microsoft's licensing policies.

Related brands[]


See the entry at OEM Software

"Royal Software: Your Software Retailer"
Page title: "OEM Software//Home"
First seen September 2010
Sharing hosting with EuroSoft and WatchShop.

How to report this spam[]

Option 1 - Complainterator[]

Report the name servers to the registrar using Complainterator. No reputable company in the Republic of China supports software piracy.

Option 2 - BSA[]

But more importantly, remember that this is a flagrant software piracy operation. You can

  1. shut down the whole operation
  2. provide evidence leading to the arrest of the criminals

Follow these steps

  1. Open the pirate site, and note down a selection of software vendor names and software titles being pirated
  2. Visit the Business Software Alliance web site
  3. Select "Report Software Piracy"
  4. Fill in your contact details
  5. Fill in the matching software vendors and software titles in the reporting form
  6. Send it off and feel better

Option 3 - list of report sites[]

JavaWoman's list of email reporting addresses, by vendor, for software piracy is an excellent resource. Some examples are shown here ready to be copied into an email cc list:,,,,,,

Further reading[]

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