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This category of sites is named after Yambo Financials, also known as the Alex Polyakov gang, which is believed to be behind them based on comprehensive evidence.

Related spam operations[]

A number of sites are suspected of being under control of the Yambo Financials groups based on the structure of the websites, aliases used in domain registrations, and other common features.

Sites on the core list are very consistent in format. These sites are hosted on the same hijacked servers, share the same nameservers, host images on either one or five additional hijacked servers, and tend to shift to new servers simultaneously. Those sites are

Other sites which have a resemblance to Yambo sites include the following, but may reflect factors such as subcontracting services for domain registration and mailing from the same common sources:


Fake Watches[]



  • Exclusive Caviar Online
  • Double Your Dating


EvaPharmacy is the sponsor organization behind all of these websites. They pay spammers to promote these sites, and they don't shut down illegal spammers.

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